Play Piano Today at Taber Music School:
Listing of Play Piano Chords Today times at Taber Music.

BC Registered Music Teachers:
Founded in 1932 as the B.C. Music Teachers Federation, the British Columbia Registered Music Teachers' Association (BCRMTA) is the representative body of the profession of the private music teacher in British Columbia. This is the link to the Victoria teachers listing. BCRMTA

UJAM - Universal Jazz Advocates and Mentors - advocates, mentors, educates, and acts as a resource for the community of jazz musicians and jazz lovers in Victoria. UJAM Society

Sheet Music and Books:
Music is a great site for pop and jazz music. You can purchase single songs and download them immediately to your printer.

Sheet Music has a good classical selection to purchase for downloads in addition to jazz and pop.

Music Theory Links:
Explore the fundamentals of music at Music with these animated lessons and exercises.